Dont worry – be crappy (latest blogg)

We nag right now holes in the heads of each other in business around not only efficiency but also to be innovative . I myself have written a lot about this. Sometimes you have to get inspiration for what you are doing from others, thanks for the tip Daniel Sigma.

Yes, I have therefore stolen the title of this post from another guy named Guy Kawasaki , he is the author . He is also a co-founder of , an online magazine . Previously he was chief evangelist of Apple. Worked for two periods rather close Steve Jobs. Kawasaki has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate at Babson College .

He describes in 18 minutes thinking on innovation, and has himself made ​​a pastiche of Bobby McFerrins song , Do not worry – be happy to headline ”Do not worry – be crappy .” The song may well in this post to be my theme song for this blog.

I think like with this inspiration in the back ;

It’s all about courage and conviction. Courage to take a new step . The courage to get other people to see it you see. The courage to live their convictions and not giving up. Courage to be first.

My / our own biggest innovation we’ve done recently is a collaboration with another company. The reason is that they did what I intended to do , ie , to a certain lack of courage. So yes, I ‘ve learned something .

It’s about distributing our educational services in a different way . Yes, there are opportunities to develop and work in progress. But as I said , ”do not worry – be crappy .”

Yes , you want to see Guy Kawasaki ‘s 18 minutes , so the link is here ;

Thank Guy!!


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